Simply a resonant experience

With BenkCube loudspeakers you will experience music as if it were only made for you. The precise, clear acoustics of the high and medium frequencies with the full bass foundation create an atmosphere in which music becomes palpable.


frontal sound distribution



Let yourself be inspired by the powerful clarity of the BenkCube satellites, whose innovative patented diffuser creates a hemispherical sound emission and fantastic sonority. Wherever you are in the room, you will enjoy a full, balanced sound.



discoidal sound distribution caused by old-fashioned diffusors



With BenkCube loudspeakers the sound is distributed equally around the room, penetrating even secluded corners with the full frequency range, and disruptive interference is minimised. Everyone has unobstructed access to the source of the sound because of the position of the satellites over the heads of the listeners.



hemisherical sound distribution with BenkCube



The puristic design makes the loudspeakers easy to handle. They are equally suitable for fixed installations and for mobile sound systems, and make it easier to manage in awkwardly shaped rooms.
Thanks to the consistent 360° sound distribution, compliance with DIN 15905 (hearing protection of the public) can be achieved without losing quality.
BenkCube loudspeakers can be used to superbly supplement existing systems.



created by - sehstrand -