Unique loud speakers for unique people.

For those, who want to set new benchmarks– not merely auditory but also optically.

Tell us your options! In the field „custom“ there are only few limitations to imagination. From modification of our
standard loud speaker to exclusive design: We manufacture – within the bounds of technically possible – your
BenkCube loud speaker as you imagine them.
In this area, the innovative manufacturer don´t panic demonstrates, that loud speakers can have alternative looks –
without forgoing a perfect music transmission.


Unikum 1 Unikum 2

Custom I "Amphore"

A very special BenkCube speaker.
Technically identic with the Satellites, the Amphora provides a superb firm and clear spatial sound due to the ceramic body and diffuser. All in all a delightful piece of handicraft and a great sound experience. Diffuser and body being shaped on the potter ́s wheel, acoustic baffle and cover being of white stone and the stand being of cast-bronze, the ”Amphora” is a piece of art for the eyes and for the ears. In any case an attention getter.

Custom Standalone Unikum II

Selected american walnut, combined with polished glossy aluminium – pure delightment for your ears and your eyes.


created by - sehstrand -