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BenkCube Acoustic-Combo


Natural One


BenkCube presents the world-first compackt combo amp based on the principle of hemispherical sound emission. This will appeal every musician who wants to amplify the sound of his instrument clearly and without distortion. The „Natural One“ produces a homogenous hemisphere of sound of the highest quality. You'll get the impression the instrument itself has become louder – What more could you want from an amplifier?The „Natural One“is a monitor and micro-PA in one.


A fully-equipped amplifier unit is mounted over the BenkCube PA satellite: a tried and tested design with a 8“ coaxial drive unit and patented diffuser. Two input channels provide exceptional basic sound with enough flexibility for professional use on stage or in the studio.
Channel 1 enables fas access to critical frequencies with a no-frills 4-band control, while channel 2, with its switchable input sensitivity, 3-band EQ with parametric mids, and adjustable notch filters allows for all the fine-tunig you could want. A high-quality reverb, an effects loop and DI out and speaker out connectors complete this practical piece of equipment. All types of input devices (pickups, piezos, microphones) can be used together or separately, and an extra loudspeeaker can provide more bass, more volume, or targeted monitoring.


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Natural One Natural One Natural One Natural OneNatural One Natural One Natural One Natural One


The casing is made of birch multiplex, varnished with black piano lacquer, and equipped with a recessed handle. The highlight is the effective LED lighting on the loudspeaker, which makes it possible to operate the „Natural One“ even on a dark stage.




  • neutral and naturally sounding combo-amplifier for all acoustic intstruments:guitars and all other stringed instruments, wind and bow instruments, voice, accordeon, harp, and many more
  • monitor-amp and mini-PA with 360° sound emission for soloists
  • sound-tool in the studio


Features „Natural One“

  • Diffusor for hemispherical sound emission
  • Interlocked bonded plywood casing piano lequer
  • high-quality Coax-Driver of Beyma
  • 2-channel amp-unit of 150/225W
  • switchable imput sensitivity, effect loop, phantom power 48V, DI-ou, speaker out
  • dimmable LED lighting
  • recessed handle


Technical specifications


Acoustic Combo

Model DC8 Natural One
Dimensions wxhxd 300x600x300mm
Demand power amplifier 150W RMS
Loud speaker 8“ Beyma 8CX20
Input channel 1 (Instrument) Vol., High, Low, Low Mid, High Mid
Input channel 2 (Instrument/Mic) Vol., Treble, Bass, Mid, Frequency, Notch Q/off, Frequency
Outlet FX Loop (6,-10db), Balanced Out, Ext. Speaker, Phantom Power 48V
Reverb Rev. Ch.1, Rev. Ch.2, Rev. Time
Weight 17 kg
created by - sehstrand -