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BenkCube Speakers
A brand by the company don´t panic die case-manufaktur GmbH


Michael Benkmann


Michael Benkmann

Oleg v. Cube


Oleg v. Cube

Being a producer of flitecases and loudspeakers, the company don´t panic looks back at almost twenty successful years. Besides transparency and the principle of fairness towards customers, suppliers and employees, there are two significant characteristics for the business activities of don´t panic: the proximity to customers and willingness to be innovative and flexible. In both of the business lines – speakers and flightcases – it is the primary concern to find the best way to perform a task.


„don't panic“ traditionally embodies quality and individual solutions for problems. Convincing technology in attractive design, solid processing of high quality materials and high class workmanship lead to products, which - in the best sense – are „made in Germany“.


Innovation is one of the quintessential characteristics of the manufacturer „don't panic“. Being a medium sized business
company, it is the prior objective to react quickly and flexibly on the customers and markets needs.


From versatile contacts with customers like musicians, audio engineers and discjockeys, the idea of reconsidering the principle of indirect acoustic irradiation developed in order to eradicate the debilities of such speakers and to emphasize their excellence. The result is the BenkCube speaker with the patented diffuser–driver-system. Since the development three years ago the BenkCube concept of an omnidirectional acoustic irradiation establishes itself as a real enrichment and the perfect complement to the existent speaker range.


In the field of the speakers, don´t panic produces all sorts of boxes on customer request. The own BenkCube speakers with the patented diffuser system will be amended further on. Within the range of technical possibilities the loudspeakers can be adjusted individually based on the environment and furnishing of the customers site. And all this for an impressive low prize, you will get the most for the money.


Don´t panic produces individual cases and transportable constructions made to measure. Sophisticated construction, good quality and intelligent solutions form long lasting products with perfect functionality at a reasonable price.


Creativity and expert knowledge is required when customers need transportable constructions such like popcorn machines, transportable counters or studio equipment. We take the customer´s option serious.


BenkCube speakers or don´t panic flightcases - we or our distribution partners will be glad to councel you.


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